Skoda Auto, the popular automobile manufacturer from Czech Republic, has recently introduced few new cars to the market. These cars are likely to hit the road in the early September this year. Apart from this, Skoda has already introduced Octavia in SE sports and SE technology models. These cars are in the price range of Australian Dollar 34,400 to 34,600. You may visit any of the authorized dealers to view these Skoda new cars.

Kodiaq in its new form:

Apart from Octavia, Skoda has also announced introduction of Kodiaq and Rapid Monte Carlo. The Kodiaq which is now being introduced is an SUV having several unique features. In fact, Kodiaq can be regarded as a variant of Octavia or any other model of Skoda new cars.

Skoda yeti:

In addition to these, the new Skoda yeti also hit the market very recently. This car has gained popularity because of its elegant design, comfortable interior and higher mileage. This twin headlamp design SUV is powered by a 2 liter engine having 110 HP with 5 manual transmission. However, the WD model of Yeti is provided with 6 speed transmission. Some of the luxuries available in the interior of Yeti are WiFi, Bluetooth, speakers, air conditioner and air bag.

Versatile SE technology:

Among the other models of Skoda new cars, Octavia SE Technology is regarded as a super performer as compared to its predecessor SE business model. The SE technology Octavia is provided with a 180 bhp greenline TDI engine with an option of automatic and manual gear control mechanism. This elegantly designed car is equipped with air bag, power tilt steering wheel, elegant control panels, air conditioner, Bluetooth, front and rear parking sensors with versatile cruise control mechanism.

Affordable price tag:

Of course in terms of cost, SE Technology will cost you just a few hundred dollars more against the SE business model. But, it is worth spending that money; after all you spend it for your comfort and safe driving.

Octavia SE Sports:

On the other hand, Octavia SE Sports is provided with 148 bhp 1.4 liter TSI petrol engine with 17” demo Alloy wheelbase. It is also equipped with daytime running lights, powerful Xenon headlamps and LED rear lights. The luxurious interior and ample boot space make it an ideal car for long hours of comfortable journey. Brisbane City Skoda

Visit an authorized showroom:

You may visit any of the authorized dealers to buy new Skoda. This enables you to take a closer look at your favorite Skoda cars, and you can even go on a test drive. You can get all the technical details of the car from the personnel at the showroom. The authorized showrooms will also assist you in availing loans for purchase of your favorite Skoda cars. In fact, the showrooms will arrange for the insurance of the car.

Exclusive discounts:

Some of the showrooms also offer exclusive Skoda deals, which help you to save a considerable amount of money. For example, the authorized showroom may offer you discount if you purchase the car during specific dates. Some showrooms even offer you certain accessories complementary in case of certain models of Skoda cars. All these will enable you to save a considerable amount of money.